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Griffith Park-Hollywood Sign


Griffith Park is full of Los Angeles landmarks like the Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Observatory, and the Greek Theater. The park includes other less-known prizes like an abandoned zoo, Amir’s Garden, and Bronson Cave (aka the batcave). For those who want to hike up to the Hollywood Sign, there are three obvious routes to choose from:

  • Brush Canyon Trail6.4 miles round trip with 1,100 feet of elevation gain
  • Hollyridge Trail3.5 miles round trip with 750 feet of elevation gain
  • Wonder View Trail3 miles round trip with 925 feet of elevation gain

Each route to the Hollywood Sign offers a satisfying hike through Griffith Park.  (more information at

What is each trail like? The shortest, most challenging route takes Wonder View Trail and Aileen Getty Ridge Trail to the top of Cahuenga Peak and then crosses a ridge to reach the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee. This is the least crowded route, but the trail is rough and will give you a good workout on the way to Mount Lee. The next shortest option, and the easiest way to the Hollywood Sign, is to start on Hollyridge Trail, which departs from the top of Beachwood Drive. For a good day hike, take the longest route, beginning up Brush Canyon Trail from the top of Canyon Drive. Both Hollyridge Trail and Brush Canyon Trail link up with Mulholland Fire Road and take this trail to Mount Lee Road to reach the viewing area behind the Hollywood Sign. When you reach the top, stand behind a chain-link fence and look down on the Hollywood Sign backed by the Los Angeles cityscape.The Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee

The Hollywood sign isn’t the only hiking destination in Griffith Park, check out the list below for more Griffith Park hikes, including the Griffith-Park-adjacent hike around Hollywood Reservoir. Dogs are allowed on all trails in Griffith Park. Bikes are not allowed on dirt trails, but are allowed on paved roads.

Hikes in Griffith Park

Amirs Garden Amir’s GardenForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis one-mile hike reaches a relaxing garden on the east side of Griffith Park that is a pleasant retreat for hikers.
Beacon Hill hike Beacon HillForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis 2.75 to 3.9-mile hike in Griffith Park climbs 500 feet to the easternmost summit in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Bee Rock hike Bee RockForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis hive-shaped point on the east side of Griffith Park is reached via a 1.7 to 4-mile round trip hike.
Bronson Cave hike Bronson CaveForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis short easy hike visits a man-made cave recognizable as the Batcave from the 1960s Batman TV series and hundreds of other locations on TV and film.
Cahuenga Peak hike Cahuenga Peak from Wonder View TrailForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis 3-mile hike ascends 925 feet to Cahuenga Peak and the adjacent Mount Lee, home of the Hollywood Sign.
Hollywood Reservoir Trail Lake Hollywood Reservoir Walking TrailForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis 3.5-mile loop circles a peaceful fence-enclosed reservoir in the hills below the Hollywood Sign. A dirt side trail off this paved loop ventures up a finger of Griffith Park.
Griffith Park Mount Hollywood Hike Mount Chapel, Mount Bell, and Mount HollywoodForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis 5.7-mile loop tops three prominent summits on a panoramic tour of Griffith Park.
Hollywood Sign Trail Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign via Brush Canyon TrailForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis 6.4-mile hike crosses Griffith Park from Canyon Drive to the top of Mount Lee directly behind the landmark Hollywood Sign.
Hollywood Sign Hollyridge Trail Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign via Hollyridge TrailForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis 3.5-mile hike ascends 750 feet to reach the summit of Mount Lee behind the Hollywood Sign.
Old Zoo hike Old Zoo Picnic AreaForgettableAverageGoodGreatUnforgettableThis half-mile hike explores the abandoned exhibits and animal cages in the ruins of the old LA Zoo in Griffith Park.

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