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Mt Wilson Orchard Camp

From Mt. Wilson Trail Drive, walk up the drive to the beginning of the trail on your left. Follow the trail up to a ridgetop road where you will see another trail sign on your left. The trail will begin to climb, high on the slope of Little Santa Anita Canyon. Past the one-mile marker are switchbacks which wind up the trail. At 1.5 miles go to your left (see photo with sign 2.0mi from Orchard Camp, if you go right you go down to the creek) and continue up the trail. The trail narrows west into Lost Canyon where you will cross the steam. From lost canyon you are rewarded with a nice view down into cyn. Here are lots of shady areas and oak canopy.

The trail moves on high above the canyon with great views. You descend slightly for a few minutes as the trail rounds around several ravines through some dense forest. You’ll pass a three-mile marker (green wooden stake on your left). You’ll hear and see the creek far below. After you head down a ways you will arrive at Decker Springs. Past the springs, follow the switchbacks on… there are lots of down oaks and you have to crawl under several before you round around to reach the shady site of Orchard Camp. Here is a wonderful area to enjoy the beauty and have some lunch unless of coarse it is pouring rain, hail or snowing and super cold. Then as we did, stay briefly, and head back down the same trail. Total 7 miles roundtrip.

To Get Here:210 exit is Santa Anita N.Lt GrandviewRt or North on N. Mtn Trail AveLt on Mira Monte ave.Rt on Mt. Wilson Trail. (Park here right as you turn, can’t park up the road.)Also there is a little Museum ‘Lizzy’s’ open 2 days a mo, or so. It is really cool and it used to be the home of Benjamin Wilson. Read the story here

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  1. Marian says:

    You really shuold not call this hike a trail. It’s part trail,but then as the video clearly shows it’s a rock scrambling route. The shows the easiest route of the six different routes to Bridge Mtn.

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