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Night Hike Lake Ave Echo Mtn

Echo Mountain –I say “not the broken leg hike” because the next time I went on this hike at night I broke my ankle. I was carried 1 mi. to the entrance. So beware of the uneven potholes along the trail.

Echo MountainSam Merrill Trail – AltadenaAngeles National Forest / Southern California

The start is from the very top of Lake Ave in Pasadena. From the 210 take the Lake Av off ramp and go north toward the mountains til you cant go any farther (at Loma Alta Dr,). Park on Lake Av. or Loma Alta. Thomas Map 536-A3-4. If you plan to run this trail on the weekend, parking can be sparce and if the case, consider parking at Farnsworth Park.

The trailhead is at the NE corner of Lake and Loma Alta. Run east about 100 yards along the fence until you come to the trail sign and a drinking fountain. From there you will go NE down into a little valley and up the other side to the start of the switchbacks. 2.7 miles from Lake Ave up the Sam Merrill Trail, you will come to the top and a trail junction. From there you will go south on the old Mt. Lowe Railway bed about 100 yards, past the upper Sam Merrill Trail and Castle Canyon trail junction and you should see the large cable car gear at the ruins. If you head back down this is a little over 5 mi. or From Echo, you can extend the hike to Inspiration Point Sight for a total round trip of just under 10 miles from the Top of Lake. The shortest trail from Echo to the Sight is via the Castle Canyon trail. However, it gets very steep after a mile with many switchbacks. Best to make a loop of it going up the Castle Canyon trail and returning back down the Sam Merrill Trail.


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