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Smugglers Sea Caves

smuggler’s cove sea caves

  • If the gate to the forrestal nature preserve is closed Then you have to meet at the gate. If it is open. keep driving til thestreet ends and meet there.When: July 16What to bring: Water, hiking shoes, snack, hat, dress for weather, sunblockHike level: advanced beginner 5 miles RT, 700 ft gain loss– walking ontrails,roads, and fireroads. Some steep areas, up and down.The hike should take 3 hours***************************************************THERE IS ONLY A PORT-A-POTTY FOR A TOILET ON THE TRAIL.***************************************************Directions: we are meeting is the forrestal nature preserve in Rancho palos verdes.From 110 freeway. Go south til the freeway ends in San pedro. It specifically ends at gaffey street. Go south on gaffey street for a while. On 25th street you make a right turn. be careful at the intersection of gaffey and 25th street. It is a wierd intersection, so be on the right lane withthe right turn arrow. when you get there you will see why. You will be at 25th street for a while. Then 25th street ends and becomes palos verdes drive. this happens when you enter rancho palos verdes city. As you are driving you will see the trump golf course on your left. Keep going til you reach Forrestal drive. Make a right on forrestal drive and keep going til the street ends and you will see me there. You will pass the preserves gates and the soccer fields on the left side before you get there. also there is a street that connects to forrestal right before it ends, don’t go down that street because I won’t be there. Don’t meet at the gates unless the gate is closed and you can’t drive any further.

    Hike description: first we will start on a trail going up and down the hillls.Then we will get to a fireroad and follow it til we get to the street.We will walk along the street and cross it. hopefully no one will get run over. We will go down the road.Then we will reach the porta potties. when those who want to use them are done We will take the “fun” trail down to the cove.We will spend a few minutes there and play in the tidepools. This is the place where we see the sea lions and seals. There is also a little water spout there too. then we will walk over to the big cave we will climb back out of the cove and climb back up to the cars the way we got there.

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