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Fish Cyn, 80 Foot Waterfall

Fish Canyon:

We all need to get out in nature once in a while, and Fish Canyon Trail in Los Angeles County, California is nature at its best. Outdoors folks generally like this part of California. California has plenty of delightful backpacking trails; one of them being Fish Canyon Trail in Los Angeles County. This great outdoors trail goes through some very different elevations which of course means you need to be prepared for different conditions on different parts of the great outdoors trail. Through the summer, highs regularly are in the 80’s at Fish Canyon Trail. Through the dark hours of summer temperatures drop down into the 60’s. Daytime highs through the wintertime are in the 40’s with temperatures at Fish Canyon Trail dipping down into the 30’s through winter nights. Every California backpacking trail is different from the others. These great outdoors trails here in the Sierra Madre are a great way to explore these mountaintops. Fish Canyon Trail is a mid-length great outdoors trail having an average number of uphill miles which makes this hiking trail tremendous for hard core backpackers looking for adventure. Fish Canyon Trail is quite long, so make sure you bring plenty of supplies. This is one of many hiking trails in the surrounding vicinity. The complete hike it 8 miles long it’s a mid length backcountry trek. The total elevation difference for Fish Canyon Trail is 1,826 feet, and that is about average. It is very dehydrated here at Fish Canyon Trail typically; the wettest month of the year is typically February, that’s the one that rains the most while July is the month with the least amount of precipitation. Hiking here in California is a great idea. This backcountry hiking trail has two trailheads, so backcountry hiking it one way is an option if you can arrange for a ride back. The alternate route is to park at Azusa Rock which understands that providing access to Fish Creek is a priority to the community. Therefore, they continue to schedule frequent access to Fish Creek at no cost.

The Fish Canyon Trail leads to one of the most beautiful local waterfalls in the region located in the pristine Angeles National Forest.

Along the 4-mile hike you will find impressive greenery. The canyon is full of Big-leaf maples, California bays, alders and live oaks. In springtime you will see an assortment of wildflowers including the California poppy, lupine, campanula, larkspur and brodiaea line the walls of this enchanted forest. Stone foundations, walkways, and walls of old cabin sites from the early 1900s can be seen. The cabins were destroyed in a fire and flood in the late 1950s. The culmination of the hike is the breath-taking Fish Canyon Falls. This waterfall drops 90 feet in three stair-stepped tiers, finally sliding its way into a large and clear pool.

Fish Canyon is just two miles off the Foothill Freeway. It is an integral part of the San Gabriel River system, which connects the mountains to the sea. This crucial life line of the Greater Los Angeles Basin is a top priority for Azusa Rock. Vulcan Materials, in keeping with its commitment to environmental stewardship, is making the access to Fish Creek a top priority.

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