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Chumash/Las Llajas-10 mi hike

Simi Valley–Chumash/Las Llajas-10 mile Loop hike

We hiked among spectacular sandstone outcroppings and boulders, sweeping vistas and a wide assortment of wildflowers standing out among the greenery.We began on the Chumash Trail going east and then continued north along Rocky Peak Rd. with views of Simi Valley, San Fernando Vally and Channel Islands on a clear day.

Straddling deep gashes in the hillside, we trundle up 2.7 miles to the Rocky Peak Fireroad. Spectacular views of the Peak all in snow. With the hardest work out of the way, we’ll enjoy a cruise north along the fireroad, past the famed fossil wall. Sharp eyes will detect an earthquake fault line, testament of the area’s past, present, and future geological instability. Look at the top of the peak for fossils scattered among the road. Then headed south via the Las Llajas trail along a creek and an occasional cluster of oaks. The geology lesson behind us, we’ll descend into some man-made history. On our way down Oil Well Road, we’ll cavort among derelict oil-pumping equipment until we alight on ranchland.

Directions: From Highway 118/Simi Valley Freeway, exit on Yosemite Avenue in Simi Valley. Drive 0.4 miles north to Flanagan Drive and turn right. Continue 0.8 miles to the trailhead at the end of the road.

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