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Production Supplies

At Zio Studio Rentals our new and highly maintained equipment is there when you need it. We have a commitment to give you quality service and to accommodate needs that come up on shoot day. Zio is Your One Stop Shop! Call our office if you have any questions about your supplies today at 818-504-2809.

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Quantity - Name

Air Compressor
Air Conditioner 1.5 ton w/ Hose
Broom-corn Stick
Boom Box - iPod Dock
Butt Can
Bull Horn
C-Stand - G&E
Cal-OSHA Sign
Camera Cart
Clip-on lights
Cart, Rubbermaid
Coffee Cambro
Coffee Maker-100 Cup
Coffee Maker-55 Cup
Cone Delineator 36"
Cone 18"
Cone 28"
Cooler 100 Qt
Cooler 48 Qt (Tech Scout)
Cooler 68 Qt
Copier Desktop
Crash Pad - 4' x 8' x 8"
Cube Taps
Director Chair-tall
Director Chair-Medium
Director Chair-Low
Dolly Magliner Sr
Dolly Magliner Sr w/ Shelf
Dolly Furniture
Dolly Handtruck
Dolly Refrigerator
Dust Mop
Dust Pan
Extension Cord 100 ft
Extension Cord 50 ft
Extension Cord 25 ft
Extension, Distro
Extension, 4 Prong
Equipment Cover, Heat Reflective - 10'x10'
Fan (Box)
Fan (High Velocity)
Fire Extinguisher - Small
Fire Extinguisher - Large
First Aid Kit-50 Person
Flash Light
Floor Squeegee
Fogger - Rosco Vapour
Folding Chair
Folding Chair Cart
Folding Chair, Padded
Furniture Pad
Gas Can - Large
Generator: Honda 2000 Watt
Generator: Honda 3000 Watt
Generator: Honda 7000 Watt
Glo Bugs - LED

Quantity - Name

Hazer - Rosco V Hazer
Heater Blower Small
Heater Blower Large
Heater - Dish Electric
Heater - Dolly w Propane Tank
Heater - Add'l Propane Tank 10lbs
Heater - Tent Box Heater
Heater - Propane Tank 50lbs
Iron, Steam/Dry
Ironing Board
Ladder 4 ft
Ladder 6 ft
Ladder 8 ft
Ladder 12 ft
Ladder 16 ft
Laundry Bins
Leaf Blower
Loco Mat 3' x 5'
Mirror: Floor Length
Mirror: Make-up Rolling
Mirror: Make-up Table Top
Misting Fan - 30 Gallon
Pallet Jack
Pipe & Drape - Base
Pipe & Drape - Upright
Pipe & Drape - Support
Pipe & Drape - Drape 10'
Pop-Up Tent 8x8 (Black)
Pop-Up Tent 10x10 (Blue)
Pop-Up Tent 10x10 (White)
Pop-Up Tent 10x15 (Blue)
Pop-Up Tent 10x15 (White)
Pop-Up Tent 10x20 (Blue)
Pop-Up Tent 10x20 (White)
Pop-Up Tent Side 8ft (Black)
Pop-Up Tent Side 10ft (Blue)
Pop-Up Tent Side 10ft (Black)
Pop-Up Tent Side 10ft (White)
Pop-Up Tent Side 10ft - Heat Reflective
Pop-Up Tent Top 10ft - Heat Reflective
Pop-Up Tent Side 15ft (Black)
Pop-Up Tent Side 15ft (Blue)
Pop-Up Tent Side 15ft (White)
Propane Tanks 20 lbs
Power Strip
Rack: Tool
Rack Track
Rake - Rock
Ratchet Straps
Shop Vac
Shovel - Flat
Shovel - Spade
Sign 4x4 Detour Ahead
Sign 4x4 Flagmen Ahead
Sign 4x4 Prepare To Stop
Sign 4x4 Road Work Ahead

Quantity - Name

4' Super Shelf
6' Super Shelf
Safety Vest
Sandbags-25 lbs
Swamp Cooler
Table-4ft Plastic
Table-6ft Plastic
Table-8ft Plastic
Trash Can - Regular 32 Gal
Trash Can - Office
Trash Can - Kitchen
Trash Can - recycle
Truck Shelf-6 ft
Truck Shelf-8 ft
Wardrobe Rack
Wardrobe Rack Bottoms
Wardrobe Z Racks
Wardrobe S Racks
Wardrobe Steamer
Water Cooler - 5 gal
Water- 5 gal Disp. (hot & cold)
Water- 5 gal Bottle
Water Bottle, empty
Water Bags
Water Barrels
Water Hose 50'
Worklight (LED) Red
Worklight w/Stand
Worklight w/Stand (Double)

WALKIES / Accessories

Motorola Radios-CP200 (UHF)
Hand Mic
Surveillance Mic (Secret Service)
Noise Canceling (Helo Headsets)


Base Stations (40 watt)

INTERNET 4G Unlimited

J-Box (Wi-Fi) - Verizon
J-Box (Wi-Fi) - AT&T
J-Box (Wi-Fi) - Sprint
Mi-Fi - Verizon
RMi-Fi - AT&T
Mi-Fi - Sprint


Nissan NV200 Mini Cargo Van / Day
Nissan NV200 Mini Cargo Van / Week
Ford F550 3 Ton 17ft Prod Cube / Day
Ford F550 3 Ton 17ft Prod Cube / Week
Chevy 3500 HD 12ft Stake Bed / Day
Chevy 3500 HD 12ft Stake Bed / Week
Trailer - Makeup/Changing