A program of the Visual Arts & Media Studies Division of Pasadena City College, 1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106, (626) 585-7238


The PCC Cinema Program: Filmmaking in the Digital Century

The Best of Both Worlds – Professional AND Artistic!

At Pasadena City College, we believe that it's possible to take the best professional practices of the Hollywood tradition and combine that with the outside-the-box thinking associated with the fine arts.

You'll be prepared to work in the industry, AND you'll be prepared to create new visions! The PCC Cinema Program provides for the serious student a rigorous curriculum of study that creates solid, fundamental, professional skills combined with an open, inquiring, artistic mind. 

The Cinema Program resides in the Division of Visual Arts and Media Studies at PCC and thus gives students a rare and special connection to the other fine arts.

The PCC Cinema Program aims to assist each student to:
1. develop hands-on skills,
2. broaden their knowledge base,
3. deepen their intellectual and analytical processes,
4. learn to work cooperatively and professionally with other filmmakers, and
5. nurture their creative voice. 

The Cinema Program encourages innovation, in content and form. We believe innovation best springs from a firm grounding in cinematic tradition coupled with drawing connections to all the other arts.

The program seeks to instill in each student a comprehension of the power of the media they create and its potential impact on culture and society. Armed with this, the new filmmaker will be better equipped to wield that power in a responsible, constructive way in society.

In this program developing artistic skills and viewpoints are valued as much as developing vocational skills.


The Best of Both Worlds – Timeless AND Timely!

Students are taught both traditional and contemporary practices.  The convenience and power of In addition to using digital video, students also have the opportunity to use actual film, in either Super 8 or 16mm formats.   This increasingly rare opportunity offers students the chance to experience the undeniable beauty of photographic film.


The Best of Both Worlds – Higher Education OR Get Hired!

The PCC Cinema Program offers two Certificates of Study (link to page) to prepare students for entry-level work in the motion picture industry.  These same programs of study ALSO empowers our students to successfully transfer to colleges and universities with training that puts them at a high level of competence when they transfer.  Entering with their higher level of knowledge, skill, and experiences, gleaned from the PCC Cinema Program can  enable them to reach higher heights in their bachelor’s or master’s programs.


The Best of Both Worlds – Mad Skills, Here AND Beyond!

Filmmaking Courses Develop Valuable Business Skills in Each Student.
These critical filmmaking skills become important assets to all students who pursue any field:
• Creative Problem-solving skills
• Technical Problem-solving skills
• Project Management & Organizational skills dealing with
            - People & communication
            - Time
            - Money
            - Physical resources
• Writing skills
• Persuasive Oral Presentation skills

Successful Cinema Students, like any good independent filmmaker or artist, develop valuable personal qualities:
• Initiative
• Tenacity
• Resiliency
These qualities will help critically on your road to success!