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Arizona Office - Product Summery

Representing the manufacturers of quality instrumentation

Manufacturer of AN & MS fittings, 37o Flared Tube Fittings, Straight Thread Adapters, Pipe Thread Adapters, Weld End Fittings, Orifice Fittings, Ring Seal Fittings and MS Boss Fittings.

BULK WIRE and CABLE to your specification.

CLC CONTROL LASER COMPANY Laser Marking and Engraving equipment. Includes complete software package and Laser Marking workstations.

FLOW SAFE SUPPLY, Inc.: Soft Seated Spring Operated GAS Safety Valves (1/2” to 2”). 15 to 9612 psig, ASME Section VIII. Micro Safety Relief Valves (1/2”). 15 to 10,313 psig, ASME Section VIII certified. Liquid Pressure Relief Valves (1/2” to 2”). 30 to 4292 psig, ASME Section VIII certified. Mixed Phase Relief Valves from 50 to 4292 psig. ASME Section VIII certified. Un-loader Valves (Continuous Cycling applications), (1-1/2” TO 6”). 5 TO 285 psig. Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves (Modulating Action pilots), (1-1/2” to 8”). 10” WC to 285 psig. Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves (1” to 8”). 15 to 6000 psig. ASME Code.

LANCE VALVES, INC. Manufacturer of Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Check & Globe valves.

PRESSURE PRODUCTS COMPANY, Inc. Sight Glasses, Sight Flow Indicators, Liquid Level Gages, Sanitary view3 ports and sight glasses.

PRECISION DIGITAL Corp.: Digital Panel Meters with built in Signal Conditioning. Available in NEMA-4X and Explosion Proof.

RECORDER CHARTS and PENS Chart Paper and pens (High Quality) for use with most brands of recorders and data loggers. ISO 9001 quality assured. Circular, Fan Fold and Roll Charts.

SENSORTEC, Inc.: Thermocouple and RTD Probes. Thermocouple wire. Sanitary temperature probes.

SPECIALTY HOSE AEROSPACE Corp.: Manufacturer of Hose Assemblies including Metal, Teflon and Rubber. Full Stocking FAA Approved Fabricating Distributor. Also manufacture Expansion Joints.

TECSIS: Manufacturer of Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, Load Cells & Torque Transducers.